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Copyright Mark Jared

Copyright Mark Jared

Alohi is Deanna Bailey – an anthropologist, archaeologist, and educator in Northern California. Originally from the sunny beaches in Orange County, California she began her career in Northern California completing her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from Humboldt State University. In her postgraduate career she has volunteered her time with the National Park Service (NPS), served for U.S. Forest Service as an archaeologist, conducted fieldwork in Ireland, and has worked as an applied anthropologist in the consulting field. In 2016 she completed a Master of Arts degree in Landscape Archaeology at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her dissertation titled The Chalcolithic – Early Bronze Age Farming Community of Termon, Co. Clare, Ireland described the farming, settlement, and ritual landscapes on Termon hill located in the Burren, Ireland. Deanna is currently in Northern California at the start of her career as an educator in social sciences.

The name Alohi (means shining one) was given to her in her first anthropology class titled Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion in 2002. In the archaeology and anthropology community, as well as in social media, she goes by deeanthrobailey.

Deanna is married to a very supportive husband who is in academics himself. Together they have two cats who are all rescues. Deanna’s hobbies include: photography, hiking, camping, studying ancient belief systems, drinking copious amounts of coffee (she thinks she is a coffee connoisseur), and enjoys discovering microbreweries around the world with her husband.

In her website Deanna writes about her adventures in archaeology, anthropology, and as an educator in social sciences. She also writes about living a life unprocessed, and shares her recipes and tips on eating with gluten intolerance.


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