Major Update in the Works!

It has been a long time coming for Tales of Alohi to witness major structural changes and a new look. The nuts and bolts are now in place and the look on the site is next!

What’s new:

  • A section on my own research topics in Anthropology.
  • A section on Archaeology with my own tales of in-field experiences, current projects, etc.
  • A section on becoming an educator in the Social Sciences field.
  • A re-branding of my recipe section with my favorite gluten-free meals and snacks suitable for the field or stocking up for your very busy week ahead.
  • News updates as they come.
  • More posts soon!

Cheers everyone, and Happy 2017!



4 thoughts on “Major Update in the Works!

  1. [ Smiles ] Now, that is something to look forward to in 2017.

    All you do, see to it that your new blog theme is easy to navigate.

    I hate whenever I am unable to find my way around someone’s website!

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